Monday, April 8, 2013

Apology to CUPID PLC

Dear readers of my blog

Following correspondence received from Cupid plc's solicitors, I have removed recent blogs concerning Cupid from my website. I apologise for any factual inaccuracies contained within those blogs and I wish Cupid good fortune in its future endeavours.

John Hempton


John Hempton said...

I apologize I will not be allowing comments on this post.

As a rule I do not delete non-spam comments.

This will be an exception.


Anonymous said...

why did you let them bully you into doing this

Anonymous said...

Biggest waste of money I have ever come across, this company hides behind solicitors! I have to admit that I signed and ticked all the boxes as I was at a low ebb and desperate for company. No excuse for the scammers and strange messages requesting spending more money on updating to other sites. Time for Watchdog to get involved!550

Dan Davies said...

Historical note: Cupid plc sold all of its dating site businesses in December 2014, citing a fundamental and irremediable imbalance between male and female users. The share price dropped sharply on the announcement. Cupid plc changed its name to Castle Street Investments plc.

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