Monday, January 23, 2012

Sky People Fruit Juice and the trials of a short seller

Just a link for today - to Roddy Boyd talking about Kevin Barnes and Sky People Fruit Juice.

Roddy is someone I always read.

If Sky People issue a rebuttal I will - in the interest of fairness - link that as well.



Sambo said...

Haha, personal fave extract:

"What company, for example, in their right mind would ever consider disclosing that their U.S.-based former chief financial officer did not own any stock but that her “day-trader” husband was regularly trading blocks of its stock? [A day-trader, it should be noted, who holds on to his positions for months at a time.]"

Ah, that brought some laughter to the office.

Anonymous said...

What fascinates me is the SEC missing in action, and the inability to push something this obvious through the court.

dearieme said...

Is there any serious case to be made for investing in China?

David Merkel said...

Having talked with Roddy extensively over AIG, I can also that he is a very intelligent, honest, and pleasant guy to deal with.

Anonymous said...

Rick Pearson, who is usually a short seller of Chinese small caps, visited SPU and was convinced that they are legit. He took videos and everything.

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